Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth! In many situations they are the best way! Dental implants are titanium "man made" roots that replace the roots of a natural tooth. Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth or if necessary they can be used with other implants to replace every tooth in your mouth. The advantage of implants is that they do not decay like natural teeth can. Dental implants can be used to stabilize your existing denture. The denture can be retrofitted with parts that allow the denture to snap into your mouth, eliminating the need for messy pastes.

Historically missing teeth were replaced with fixed bridges which required the cutting of nearby teeth and more difficult daily maintenance. Implants allow us to preserve an adjacent tooth by not cutting it and allows regular, easier hygiene. Another historical option to replace missing teeth was to make a removable partial denture. This is when plastic teeth were added to a metal framework to replace multiple missing teeth. This method of tooth replacement is still used today but patients often complain about them being loose, trapping food, being unesthetic, losing them or breaking them. Implants can replace multiple teeth which then function very much like natural teeth and are not removed by the patient!

The process of placing an implant is done over 3-6 months depending on the condition of the bone at the implant site. We first formulate a plan to satisfy the wishes of the patient. We then take a 3D cone beam scan of the patient to precisely plan the implant placement. This step is called "guided implant surgery" and is not performed by all offices but it undoubtedly allows for the best implant position for the best restorative outcome! Another advantage to this step is the surgery is much less invasive. Only a small hole the diameter of the implant (3-5mm) is made and the implant is placed in the hole. Without guided surgery, a large area of the bone is exposed and multiple sutures are placed making recovery more difficult than with guided surgery. Once the implant has healed and is bonded the bone we can restore it. For a single tooth restoration we will place a part onto the implant and take a picture with an intra-oral camera. We will then make the crown to match you other teeth and deliver it as soon as the next day. For multiple teeth we will place a part on each implant and take an impression of the implants. We'll then send the impression to our laboratory and have them make a fixed bridge or removable bridge to attach to the implants.

Dr. Mann has had extensive training an experience on placing dental implants. He is a member of the International Dental Implant Association and continually recieves training on the fast evolving world of dental implants! We can either place the implants or restore a dental implant that you have had placed somewhere else. We are trained and experienced with restoring all major dental implant company implants. We use computers to plan your implant placement with the most ideal restoration in mind. We then use computers to design the surgical guide to precisely place your implant with minimal surgery. Finally a computer, milling machine and porcelain oven are used to fabricate the final restoration to match your existing teeth!! Dentistry has come a long way! Let us show you how amazing, predictable and easy replacing a missing tooth is!

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