Eco Friendly

Earth Friendly Action Plan

  • Reduce disposable products and practice waste.
  • Use environmentally friendly products.

Blakeslee Natural Area

Blakeslee Natural Area (Less than two minutes from our office)

Steps Taken

  • We have replaced paper patient charts with digital charts.
  • We have eliminated our chemical xray processor and film to replace it with low radiation digital radiography.
  • We use digital intraoral and extraoral cameras which also eliminate chemical processing of film and reduce paper use.
  • We use steam sterilization and have eliminated toxic cold-sterile solutions.
  • Utilize low energy florescent or LED lighting.
  • We have waterless hand sanitizers throughout the office.
  • Installed an amalgam separator to remove amalgam waste from our wastewater
  • We use text and email reminders eliminating post card reminders.
  • We make same day, impressionless, porcelain crowns eliminating wasteful impressions and transportation to and from the lab.
  • We have installed occupancy sensors to turn off lights in rooms when noone is in the room.
  • Most of our lab work is sent electronically to reduce carbon emissions from traditional shipping methods.

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