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Veneers are a great way to improve the shape, color, position and youthfulness of your teeth. They are a thin cover of porcelain that is cemented to your teeth. This often requires some preparation of your teeth so that we get the best results. We have an extensive library of cases that we have done to show you results achieved at Dr. Mann's practice. Please ask to see the cases so you can visualize your potential new smile!

The process begins with a discussion of what you'd like to change. We take pictures and review your options. We then take impressions and create models so we can design the new smile on models first. We'll the email you the pictures of the before and after on models. Once you are satisfied we have you come in to get your new smile. You'll leave with the agreed to model smile on your teeth as a temporary. We ask that you then try out how you like the look and feel of the teeth before we send your case to the laboratory to fabricate the porcelain veneers. Once you are satisfied we'll send for the veneers and when we receive them, we'll have you come in to remove the temps and deliver your new smile!! It is completely life changing if you have met anyone who has had this done! Amazing!! It is certainly one of Dr. Mann's favorite procedures because every patient ends up so happy!!

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