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Whitening is the most requested treatment by our patients! Everyone wants a drop dead gorgeous smile! We have several methods of whitening your smile.

Zoom in office whitening is for those busy pateints who want instant satisfaction. We'll whiten in office and you leave with a whiter smile on the same day! You also will get a take home whitening kit to use when the unevitable stain begins to creep back into your life! It's just hard to avoid tea, coffee, and delicious red wines that stain our teeth. Smoking is avoidable for most of our strong willed patients but the touch up kit can also help those who cannot save themselves from this destructive habit.

A faster paint on in office whitening treatment is also available. We'll brush on the whitening agent and you leave with a whiter smile! This option does not come with a touch up kit.

A take home, "do it yourself" kit is available. This is the most affordable treatment option because you do most of the work. You apply the whitening agent at home in custom trays that we make so that you get good tooth coverage and waste very little whitening agent. You also have more control over sensitivity with this method since you can skip days if your teeth become sensitive so that they can recover from each whitening session.

Ask us today about which whitening option is best for you!

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